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HAMMER PERFORMANCE is the joint venture of a couple of die-hard Harley/Buell Racers, "HAMMER Dan" Norlin and Aaron Wilson. We started this company to bring you the best Harley performance products out there, whether they're products of our own making or somebody else's. Years of racing experience between the two of us has resulted in a huge knowledge base of what works, and more importantly, what doesn't, and when you buy from Hammer Performance you get the benefit of all that experience.

HAMMER Dan has primarily made his mark in AHDRA drag racing, with numerous wins in the highly competitive "Hot Street" heads-up class on his Buell S1W. Dan is also an AHDRA National Champion in SEP, and has won the High Stakes Shootout twice and been runner up twice. Dan has been porting heads for years, providing all of the head porting services for a well-known major shop, using his own CNC machine and other equipment. Years of hard work preparing race and street heads has resulted in Dan's ability to turn out a perfect set of heads every time.

Aaron's passion is land speed racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Bikes prepared by Aaron currently hold a total of 16 records at the flats, at speeds up to 213 miles per hour. Aaron's bikes have also won the award for "Fastest U.S. V-Twin" at the International Speed Trials by Bub in 4 out of the 7 years the event has been running. Can you say "domination"? Horsepower is the name of the game at Bonneville and Dan prepares all of the heads that go on Aaron's engines, and has for several years. Aaron also manufactures the CNC billet pieces you'll find on our web site, and developed the CNC programs we use for head porting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I've read on the web that other shops offer HAMMER PERFORMANCE head work, is that true?
    • Not anymore. Before forming HAMMER PERFORMANCE, and even for a year or so after HAMMER PERFORMANCE was formed, "HAMMER Dan" Norlin operated an independent business that performed head porting for other shops, as a vendor to them (never as an employee as implied in the statement at that link above). However, as of spring 2012 HAMMER Dan terminated all sales of his head porting and other machine shop services to outside shops.
    • To this day, you can still find dyno results and pictures of head work from HAMMER Dan's head porting process on the web site of a former customer, being used to advertise their own in-house head work. However, HAMMER PERFORMANCE is now the only place this legendary head work is available.
  2. Why was HAMMER PERFORMANCE moved from Colorado to Idaho?
    • HAMMER Dan moved HAMMER PERFORMANCE to Idaho to team up again with his long time friend and fellow racer, Aaron Wilson, who is also the original developer of the CNC head porting process HAMMER Dan owns, as well as the developer and manufacturer of the Air Hammer air cleaners, manifolds, and other billet pieces offered through HAMMER PERFORMANCE. Aaron had moved to Idaho some years earlier.
    • Although they've worked together for a number of years on all kinds of projects, since teaming up as HAMMER PERFORMANCE, Dan and Aaron have ratcheted up the R&D, incorporating more technology and innovation into the designs and processes than ever before, to bring you the best products yet. We're proud to say that we're hitting new levels of performance that were not achievable just a few years ago. And we're not sitting still, we're always working on new ideas and products to bring you higher levels of performance with the reliability, longevity, and quality you demand.

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